• Fever

    Untie me

    A wondrous place

    Down came my tears

    Once i had a love

    6 commentaires
  • St james infirmery

    You make love so well

    Singing waters

    I need somebody



    2 commentaires
  • They call me wrong man

    Would you believe

    Come closer

    Lucky in love

    Don't lead me on


    et en bonus pour roger......Lloyd Price

    Boo hoo i'm gonna cry

    5 commentaires
  • Are you the boy

    Standing on the sidelines

    And i love him

    Dreams of a fool

    Hey baby

    4 commentaires
  • Baby it's okay

    Baby lots of luck

    Two lovers make one fool

    Darkest street in town

    Tel a whale of a tale

    2 commentaires

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