• It hurts too much cry

    Hey tell me boy

    You deserve what you got

    I've told every little star

    Forget me not




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  • Pretty little girl

    I'm so lonely

    Had you told it like was

    There goes my baby

    Two hearts are better than one


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  • Écoutez cette voix chantant les chansons d'antan

    cette fille est née en 2006

    une voix en or....



    What a difference a day makes......de Dinah Wassington,Esther Philips....etc

    Mr Lonely.....de Bobby Vinton,Johnny Hallyday...etc

    Summertime....de Ella Fitzgerald,Billie Holiday......etc

    Unchained melody.....de righteous brothers

    I put spell on you....de Nina Simone,Joe Cocker....etc


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  • She will break your heart

    Along came joe


    It's so funny i could cry

    Hey little woman


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  • Tumbling down

    Let the music play

    Little bitty girl

    A kiss to remember you by

    Talking'bout a love

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